Odd bits and security articles. low level programming in iOS and macOS

Core Foundation

AES Encryption using Common Crypto

Hashing Algorithms in Core Foundation

Customizing TLS server trust evaluation

Secure Wipe Memory

Keychain Services in C

CFNetwork GET Request

CFNetwork POST and callback functions

Low level socket programming in POSIX and Core Foundation


Buffer Overflows and Format String Attacks

Jailbreak and debugger detection

Screenshot and keyboard caches

NSSecureCoding findings

Input Validation

XCode Security Project Settings

Logging on iOS

iOS 9 Keychain Item Entropy


AES Encryption using OpenSSL

SHA Hashing using OpenSSL

Boost.Asio TLS experiments

C++ Atomic Programming

C++ 11 Threads

Mutual Exclusion

Condition Variables


Intercepting Network Traffic on iOS

Reverse Engineering Android Apps

Email security on Apple devices

ASN.1 and DER